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Askona Basic - is a unique collection of standard mattresses at affordable prices for young active families who are settling in or renovating their new apartment, moving to another city or district or are just searching for a safe and reasonable priced mattress for the healthy sleep of their child.

Optima mattress from the collection of the same name is a universal and reliable model suitable for absolutely everyone who values comfort and cares about his health and the health of his loved ones.

The 5-zone spring block, made of different diameter wire, supports each part of the body individually: head, shoulders, back, hips and feet, relieving the pressure from the spine and muscle and joint tension.

A natural coconut fibre, impregnated with a natural latex compound, makes the mattress firm enough from both sides.

Optima mattress composition:

  •  knitted fabric quilted on a high-elasticity foam is delicate, gentle and extra-soft;
  •  coconut fibre provides firmness, has good air exchange and possesses anti-bacterial properties.
  • cotton felt protects the spring block from abrasion, and the mattress will retain its original shape during the entire service lifespan.
  •  5-zone Pocket 5 zone 550 spring block with a 150 mm height;
  •  reinforced perimeter + side part from durable jacquard will prevent damage to the mattress.

The advantages of the Optima mattress:
  •  withstands intense and prolonged loads;
  •  comfortable support of the body (550 springs per one sleeping accommodation)
  •  the same firmness level on both sides (firm);
  •  21 cm thick
  •  Extended mattress durability up to 3 years, when purchased with a protective cover*

It is important to know:
  •  Optima mattress comes with a non-removable cover (it is possible to order additional protective cover);
  •  the mattress is not rolled.

Askona mattresses - the basis for the things important to you!

The extended service life is only valid if the mattress is used with a protective cover purchased from Askona (except for the round mattresses and non-standard sizes, for which it is not possible to choose a protective cover), which ensures the complete safety of the mattress from dirt and leaks.

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Μετά από ένα χρόνο χρήσης μπορώ να πω το εξής - ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΟ ΣΤΡΩΜΑ! Δεν υπάρχουν παράπονα, αν και στην αρχή με φόβιζε η σκληρότητα στην αφή, αλλά με τη χρήση, όλοι οι φόβοι διαλύθηκαν - ο ύπνος είναι άνετος, το προβληματικό ισχίο δεν πονάει και αυτό είναι το βασικό!! Το προτείνω σε όλους λοιπόν!

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Η σκληρότητα είναι ακριβώς αυτό που χρειάζεστε. Το συνήθισα από το πρώτο βράδυ. Σήμερα το πρωί ξύπνησα και, ως δια μαγείας, δεν πονάει τίποτα. Η πλάτη μου είναι μια χαρά, ο αυχένας μου δεν έχει μουδιάσει. Δεν θυμάμαι πότε ένιωθα τόσο καλά τελευταία φορά

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Materials and design

Cotton felt

White cotton felt is an insulating layer that protects the comfort layers from abrasion by the spring unit. Contributes to the proper distribution of the load. Allows to noticeably prolong the service life of the mattress.

Coconut fibre

Eco-friendly material, adds firmness to the mattress, provides good air permeability and has an antibacterial effect

Knitted fabric, quilted on padding polyester

High-quality knitted fabric enhances air exchange within the mattress layers and prevents the development of microorganisms

Pocket 5 zone spring unit

The Pocket 5-zone spring unit is divided into 5 anatomical zones, which adapt to the structure of the body, thus providing individual support for each zone, and helping to relieve muscle and spinal tension. Each zone is responsible for supporting the following body parts: head, shoulders, back, hip, and feet.

Mattress Exp Basic Optima


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