Pillowcase size
With the elastic band
elastic band around the perimeter
Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant
Sateen (100%cotton) is a shiny natural fabric produced on the cotton base. Due to external similarity, the fabric is often confused with satin and is often called “silk cotton”.
a special type of synthetic fabric made from polyester fibres.
Tencel is a natural material made from Australian eucalyptus wood and later subjected to nano processing. The eucalyptus tree, which provides fibres for material production, is valued for its antibacterial properties. Its wood contains antimicrobial agents which prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the possibility of dust mite or mould development in the fabric is eliminated.
Spandex is an elastic, synthetic material that is not used in its pure form and is usually added to fabrics on the silk, cotton or polyester base.
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What are the advantages of Askona protective covers?

The protective cover is an essential accessory when buying a mattress. It prolongs durability and allows you to maintain the original look of the mattress for many years to come. 

What are the advantages of Askona bed linen?

When we sleep, we rest and recuperate, so the choice of textile accessories should be taken with the utmost consideration.
The excellent quality and high wearability of the Sleep8 bed linen allow enjoying these products for a long time, while the softness and incredible smoothness of the materials provide truly unforgettable sensations. This bed linen ensures tremendous relaxation and deep and undisturbed sleep, with beneficial effects on the body and mood.