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have the lowest density and are suitable for use in the summer period or by people who constantly feel hot.
suitable for use in any season and indoor climate conditions. Due to the properties of the materials used in the production, the blanket will keep you warm in winter and provide a cooling effect during the summer.
only easy-to-clean and hypoallergenic materials are used in the production of the items for the little ones. The all-season blanket line is presented in two sizes: 110*140 - for infants and toddlers from 0-3 years old, and 140*205 for older children. The collection is decorated with exclusive stitches in the shape of beloved children’s characters.
Goose down is a natural material with excellent heat retaining properties.
Polyester fibre is an artificial hypoallergenic material; it creates a thermoregulatory effect
natural filling which excellently absorbs moisture and dries out quickly
OUTLAST is a unique material developed by NASA specialists to protect astronauts from temperature extremes. The fabric contains millions of spheres made from special wax, which ensure proper thermal regulation.
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Removable cover
Cover material
Microfibre is a synthetic material obtained by intertwining a large number of thin fibres. The production of such fibre is a rather labour-intensive process as you have to attain a thin pile with a diameter of one-tenth or even one-hundredth of a millimetre, which is a hundred times thinner than the diameter of a human hair.
a special type of synthetic fabric made from polyester fibres.
is a unique fabric that resembles silk fibres in appearance, yet its quality is not inferior to cotton.
Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant
Tencel is a natural material made from Australian eucalyptus wood and later subjected to nano processing. The eucalyptus tree, which provides fibres for material production, is valued for its antibacterial properties. Its wood contains antimicrobial agents which prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the possibility of dust mite or mould development in the fabric is eliminated
Unique qualities
materials excellently absorb moisture and dry out quickly
all materials are safe and suitable for children
only natural materials are used in the manufacture
the materials used in the production of our items have the function of maintaining optimal temperature during sleep
manufacturing process uses renewable resources and materials self-decompose without polluting the environment

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