units with 140 to 200 cm width
units with 120 to 140 cm width
units with 90 to 120 cm width
Bed Base

metal bed frame lift mechanism with wide flexible plywood railings provides the opportunity to organize a storage drawer at the base of the bed

metal bed carcass with wide flexible birch veneer plywood railings

adjustable bed base. The bed is adjustable to anatomical features of the body by using a remote control or via a smartphone application. The function of back and leg elevation and massage.
Intended for
up to 3 years old, 120 cm
from 10 to 19 years old; from 160 to 180 cm
Upholstery fabric
durable, wear-resistant material with pile on its right side.
is a textile material with a thick short pile face.
is a thick fabric with dense pile ridges on the right side.
is a fabric with dense pile ridges on the right side. Easy-clean technology does not allow moisture and dirt to be absorbed, preserving furniture novelty and primary colour.
is a bit rough, but durable fabric. It is characterised by a distinct texture similar to burlap.
is a breathable material consisting of two layers. The base is a 100% cotton woven fabric. A layer of polymeric compound is applied on the top.
Headboard height
Storage space
the bed does not have any additional built-in storage space
access to a spacious storage drawer is provided by a bed frame lift mechanism

ties and seams are possible, but no additional decorations
Bed support legs
the bed legs are located under the perimeter of the bed, approximately 10 cm from its edge. Protect from accidental leg traumas and create the effect of a floating bed.
Bed leg material
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Beds - pieces of furniture on 4 pillars, the main purpose of which is to sleep or rest a person in a horizontal position. Mostly installed in bedrooms, living rooms. The secondary function is to refine the interior depending on the chosen style of the room.

Online shop in Latvia offers you to buy beds made in modern style at a bargain price (prices are listed on our website).

What are the types of beds?

Main types of beds, taking into account the constructional features are the following:

  1. Classic option.
  2. Transformers (sofa-bed, chair-bed, etc.)
  3. Bases for mattresses.
  4. Functional models for use in narrow niches - for example, medical beds with a lifting mechanism.

Types of materials used in the manufacturing process:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • polymeric;
  • with textile elements.

Classification by the presence of the headboard:

  • without headboard;
  • with one headboard (back or front);
  • with two headboards.

Classification based on age group:

  • For babies and kids.
  • For adults.

Depending on the size of the mattress, the following varieties are distinguished:

  • Single beds (90x200 cm);
  • Double beds (140х200 cm);
  • King (160 x 200 cm);
  • Grand King (180 x 200 cm).

Which width of the bed to choose?

What to consider when choosing the bed width:

  1. Who will sleep on it (child, adult, 2 adults).
  2. Poses in which you\they fill most comfortable in to fall asleep.
  3. How you\they sleep: calm or anxious.
  4. The presence of discomfort / comfort when falling asleep within a large space.
  5. How many pillows need to be placed in a place of rest for a comfortable rest.
  6. If there are children in the family, keep in mind that they like to spend time in the mornings in the “nest” of their parents, so it is better to choose furniture in a family format.

How to place a bed in the bedroom?

To avoid a premature waking up due to bright sunlights, place a bed with the headboard to the east or north.

To create a sense of security at the subconscious level, place a bed diagonally across the room (from the entrance to the corner of the wall). Thus the owner of the room will always see who wants to invade his space.

Choose the most quiet place. For example, away from the window or walls, behind which are noisy neighbors.

Place the bed away from the balcony door or window opening so as not to freeze when airing the room during the cold season.

From our online shop you can separately order stylish headboards for beds, as well as beds itself delivered in Riga and in other regions of the country. For more details on the terms of sales please contact our managers in any convenient way.