The form of the sofa
Two-seater/three-seater model can be easily accommodated even in a small space
Two-seater/three-seater model with an additional corner element on one or both sides of the sofa
A shapeshifting sofa consisting of several elements can be arranged into either a corner sofa or a U-shaped one)
Seating capacity
Mattress type
the mattress maintains the natural position of the spine during sleep. It features a spring block and foam layers with different firmness levels
one or several layers of foam with different firmness levels
Mattress firmness levels
Types of upholstery
Slightly rough structural material texture due to plain weave of double or triple threads
Thick, velvety pile, pleasant and soft to the touch, high density

the seat slides forward on roll-out casters, the backrest of the sofa is lowered frontally
rotary transformation mechanism. To arrange a sleeping place, you need to draw the armrests to the sides; height adjustment for a more comfortable position

raise the seat of the sofa, and the backrest tilts backwards, slightly press the seat against the lowered backrest until you hear a distinctive clicking sound. One click - the sofa position, two clicks - the relaxation position, three clicks - the bed position
Without removing the cushions from the backrest, pull it towards yourself, the mechanism is two-fold, and it is fixed on a solid lattice with elastic belts

slightly raise the seat and pull towards yourself, then you can put it on the floor and pull forward until it is fully expanded; the mattress unfolds right behind it

When pressing any corner of the backrest, the mechanism lowers to a horizontal state and forms a wide and comfortable sleeping place together with a seat.

To transform the sofa, you need to find the middle of the lower part of the seat and pull it up. The seat will expand, and the support legs will open up. The backrest lowers, forming a sleeping place
the double folding principle
Storage space
there are no unnecessary elements present, the configuration of this type of furniture is exceptionally simple
contemporary upholstered furniture fits easily into any interior space
two or three-seater sofa with well-defined cushions for seating area and backrest
traditional form of the furniture
oversized island type sofas
Decorative elements
not included, order separately
Bed leg material
from 15 to 25 cm
from 5 to 10 cm
Removable cover
Working load limit for one sleeping accommodatio
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