suitable for any complexion and sleeping position
for back problems
innovative product. This pillow has built-in sensors for tracking body parameters during sleep
this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children
Cover material
Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant
Memory foam is polyurethane foamed using a special technology. Due to its porous structure and unique qualities, the material quickly adapts to the weight, shape and body temperature while creating unprecedented absorption and retaining its shape in 10 seconds.
Unique qualities
unique, viscoelastic foam implicitly follows the features of the human body
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What are the advantages of Askona pillows?

The Askona pillow range is presented in 4 product lines.
The first line includes traditional stuffed pillows popular all over the world.
The second line features memory foam pillows, the third line introduces innovative smart-technology pillows, whereas the fourth line is the range of trendy pillows with adjustable padding density.
This wide variety of models allows us to offer products to suit any taste.
We use the highest quality raw materials in the production of our items, including both natural materials (cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus) and technologically advanced materials (memory foam, Outlast, innovative polyester fibres).
All of the materials mentioned above provide products with free air circulation, thermal regulation and hygroscopicity, thus prolonging the durability of each item while maintaining its original appearance.
We specifically emphasise that all the materials used in the manufacturing process are hypoallergenic and safe for humans.

How to choose a pillow?

- Properly selected pillow height depends on the body type. The wider the shoulders, the higher the pillow should be. The pillow intended for the man has to be higher than that for a woman.

- Proper pillow height, as well as its resilience, also depends on the usual sleeping position. If a person prefers sleeping on the side, a higher model of 12-16 cm is advisable. In this case, the height of the pillow should correspond with the width of your shoulder. However, if a person prefers sleeping on the back or stomach, then one should consider choosing a lower height model. To be more precise, the average height of 10-13 cm is suitable for sleeping on the back. If a person likes to sleep on the stomach, then a lower model of 6-8 cm in height or a model with an adjustable filling will be a perfect match. Models with adjustable filling are versatile and can be customised to fit any height and resilience. The height of the pillow should correspond with your sleeping position. In order to maintain the spine in a physiologically proper position, the pillow must fill the space between the neck and the mattress. Therefore, when sleeping on the side, the pillow should be higher than when sleeping on the back or stomach.

- The firmness level of the sleeping place should also be taken into account: If the mattress is soft — the pillow will feel higher. If the mattress is medium-firm — the pillow is felt at its full height. If the mattress is firm — the pillow will feel lower. Accordingly, higher models are suitable for softer mattresses, whereas firm mattresses require lower ones. Next, it is necessary to decide upon the comfort level: It is important to understand what types of pillows are you used to sleeping on?

There are 2 categories:

- Pillows made of foam or latex provide an increased level of resilience.

- Stuffed pillows made with down/feather, polyester or padding polyester fillings, are the most comfortably soft models.

In order to make the right choice, it is imperative to clarify personal preferences as well: Do you experience any pain in the back or neck areas?

If so, the anatomical memory foam models might be the right choice for you.
Do you sometimes feel uncomfortably hot on your pillow during sleep?
If so, then models with various cooling materials like Outlast, Tencel or additional gel layers will suit you the best.

Which materials are more preferable then?
Natural materials include cotton, bamboo and Tencel; they provide proper air exchange and are highly hygroscopic.
Hypoallergenic materials feature memory foam, technologically advanced polyester fibres, and innovative materials, which prevent the emergence of bacteria and parasites.
Do you want to sleep on a pillow with a micro-massage effect?
If so, our product range includes a pillow with an exquisite knitted fabric textured cover, as well as modern cellular foam models that stimulate the blood circulation by saturating it with oxygen and providing a basis for sound and healthy sleep.
Are you fond of innovations?
If so, then our exclusive pillows, specifically designed for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, are the right pick. These are innovative anatomical models that can scan the body during sleep and warn about possible health problems.