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Amani with Pantograph transformation mechanism is compact and comfortable. The austerity of lines and restraint of details - in the style of modern minimalism.
The medium seat depth provides daily comfort for children and adults. The rounded corners make the Amani safe.The backrest protects against touching the wall in a dream, and the wall from possible damage and dirt. The sofa is suitable for space zoning.

High - 16 cm. It is based on a 7-zone block of independent classic springs ("barrel" shape) and highly elastic Orto Foam. Reinforced mattress perimeter protects the edges from sagging.
2 comfort options to choose from: soft (Soft) or medium (Middle).
Important to know: The medium firmness of the mattress is provided by an additional layer of coconut coir.
2 soft pillows (filling - synthetic down) with 6 deep vertical drawstrings keep their shape for a long time.

The cover is conditionally removable: in production it is put on with the help of equipment.

Amani advantages:

  • cutting edge design for living rooms;
  • solid landing part gives the model solidity;
  • easy to use: to unfold, the sofa does not need to be moved away from the wall;
  • a metal frame and a smooth mechanism with a Move up spring provide high strength: designed for 15 thousand transformations;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble, multiple transportations are permissible;
  • high supports made of solid beech with felt heels will not damage the floor covering;
  • capacious linen box - with a ventilation hole;
  • cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner is available;
  • a ready-made interior solution with an Amani armchair and ottoman;
  • cushions made in identical fabric are also suitable for a sofa.

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Υπέροχος καναπές. Άνετος και ευχάριστος στον ύπνο. Τώρα κοιμόμαστε αρκετά και η πλάτη μας δεν πονάει. Πολύ ευχαριστημένος με τον καναπέ!

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Straight sofa Amani


Size: 110x232x97

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