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Each Tech Collection mattress has a unique layering system designed to make sure you sleep your best night after night. With optimal pressure distribution, spinal alignment, temperature regulation and the perfect level of support, you will really notice the difference. Enjoy refreshing sleep and restful days with a Sleep.8 Tech mattress. You are sure to find the right mattress for you in the Tech collection.

Tech Soft mattress is the softest mattress in the Tech series, which makes it ideal both for people with graceful build, and just for those who prefer to sleep on soft. A great option for those who sleep on their side.


  • Elastic support to reduce pressure on joints
  •  Premium fabric cover with stimulating massage pads that are easily removable for washing
  •  Light cooling effect refreshes throughout the night
  •  Rubberized, non-slip underside prevents the mattress from moving out of place
  •  Innovative foam layer shape with innovative petal cut to gently stretch the spine
  • Extended mattress durability up to 10 years, when purchased with a protective cover *

Layer System:
  •  Premium fabric cover, removable with zipper
  •  3 cm of innovative cooling gel foam
  •  6.5 cm of foam designed to gently stretch the spine and provide optimal pressure distribution
  •  9 cm of rigid foam provides an ideal level of support and comfort
  •  6 cm layer of extra-strong foam for durability
  •  Rubberized underside

* The extended service life is only valid if the mattress is used with a protective cover purchased from Askona (except for the round mattresses and non-standard sizes, for which it is not possible to choose a protective cover), which ensures the complete safety of the mattress from dirt and leaks.

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Materials and design

Highly elastic foam

A modern artificial material with properties resembling latex. It has a cellular structure. Remembers and adapts to the shape of the body, supporting it in an anatomically correct position. The foam is hygienic. Does not absorb moisture. Protects from microorganisms. Durable. 

Uniquely cut foam

Gently stretches the spine and attributes the correct pressure distribution to the body in any sleeping position

Foam with cooling gel particles

Premium knitted fabric cover with a zipper and massage pads

Mattress S8 Tech Soft


Size: 160x200

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