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No-spring Neo Hard mattress - above the medium firmness level. It was created specifically for the adepts of a resilient sleeping place. Relieves muscle tension. Suitable for everyone who is leading an active lifestyle and is used to physical activities.

The mattress features exclusive innovative materials:

  • carbon-impregnated Black Diamond material is hypoallergenic, and it perfectly adjusts to the human body, prevents the development of harmful microorganisms and does not accumulate dust;
  • durable Sleep Professor foam supports the spine in an anatomically correct position. Due to its cellular structure, the material is able to “breathe” and create optimal sleep microclimate;
  • Natural latex conforms to the body lines, reduces the pressure from the side of the mattress, quickly recovers its shape;
  • ecological Neotaktile memory foam with blue and pink particle inclusion possesses a thermoregulatory effect, neutralises electromagnetic waves;
  • premium quality Belgian knitted fabric with Nanobionic energy-regulating impregnation improves blood circulation, contributes to the restoration of strength and energy, has a beneficial effect on health.

The advantages of Neo Hard mattress:
  • hypoallergenic materials
  • NEOGENIC mattresses can be used on both transformable and flat bases;
  • thick mattress - comfortable to sit down and get up;
  • endures regular intensive loads;
  • The Turn Free technology eliminates deformation; mattress does not have to be turned over: when used on one side, it retains elasticity and original exterior;

  • premium quality Belgian knitted fabric with Nanobionic energy-regulating impregnation;
  • innovative NeoTaktile material;
  • Natural latex
  • elastic Sleep Professor foam;
  • Carbon-impregnated Black Diamond material

Neo Hard mattress: the exquisite comfort level for a healthy and active life!

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Αγοράσαμε το στρώμα πριν από ένα μήνα, όλα είναι ωραία, αλλά μερικές φορές τις νύχτες γίνεται αισθητή η ζέστη. Το καλό τώρα είναι χειμώνας, κοιμόμαστε με σβηστή θέρμανση και μικροεξαερισμό όλο το βράδυ. Αλλά πώς θα νιώθουμε όταν έρθει το ζεστό καλοκαίρι :(

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Materials and design


High-tech patented coating that is beneficial to human health. During sleep, the impregnation converts body heat into infrared rays, which are reflected back to the body by the coating. This improves blood circulation and thermoregulation in the body. Quick recovery and energy boost for the whole day is assured!


Innovative discovery of scientists from the USA. The basis of the material is steamed foam with "memory" of the form, in which the emergence of microorganisms is excluded. The foam contains unique blue and pink particles, which neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation on the human body. Sleeping on mattresses with NeoTaktile significantly improves overall health and strengthens immunity.

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Natural latex

A porous, resilient, durable material. Produced from the foamed sap of the Hevea rubber tree. It is thermally stable and antiseptic.

Black Diamond Foam

Hypoallergenic material, absolutely harmless to health. The foam contains bamboo charcoal, which protects your bed from the appearance of harmful microorganisms and bacteria, as well as eliminates the occurrence of allergies. In addition, this material eliminates the accumulation of dust and odors.

Sleep Professor Foam

Highly durable
Excellent ventilation properties due to open cell structure
Thermo-regulating effect Material

Foam with "memory" shape

Porous material capable of precisely adapting to the shape of the head. Responds even to slight movements, creating elastic support. Quickly restores original shape. Allows to keep the neck and head in the right position, which improves the quality of sleep. Hypoallergenic. Durable.

Mattress Neo Hard


Size: 160x200

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