The NEWBORN pillow is designed for babies up to 12 months. It provides safety and comfort for children, and at this age babies are known to sleep from 12 to 18 hours. The pillow has a special recess for the child's head. Eliminates airway obstruction if the baby has gastric reflux during sleep.
The New born pillow is made of shape memory foam. It takes the shape of the baby's head and neck, does not cause allergies. The pillow cover made of natural knitwear will give the mother confidence in the safety and the healthy sleep of the baby.


    Array ( [тип_односпальные] => Array ( [NAME] => односпальные [FAQ] => units with 90 to 120 cm width [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_полутороспальные] => Array ( [NAME] => полутороспальные [FAQ] => units with 120 to 140 cm width [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_двуспальные] => Array ( [NAME] => двуспальные [FAQ] => units with 140 to 200 cm width [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_пружинные] => Array ( [NAME] => Пружинные [FAQ] => with a spring block [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_беспружинные] => Array ( [NAME] => Беспружинные [FAQ] => combined blocks from natural and artificial materials [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_анатомические] => Array ( [NAME] => Анатомические [FAQ] => for back problems [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_универсальная] => Array ( [NAME] => Универсальная [FAQ] => suitable for any complexion and sleeping position [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_анатомическая] => Array ( [NAME] => Анатомическая [FAQ] => the filling material provides proper head and cervical spinal cord support [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_умная] => Array ( [NAME] => Умная [FAQ] => innovative product. This pillow has built-in sensors for tracking body parameters during sleep [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_зимние] => Array ( [NAME] => Зимние [FAQ] => the name of the category speaks for itself, as these blankets have the highest density of 400 g/m2 and therefore are the warmest. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_легкие] => Array ( [NAME] => Легкие [FAQ] => have the lowest density and are suitable for use in the summer period or by people who constantly feel hot. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_всесезонные] => Array ( [NAME] => Всесезонные [FAQ] => suitable for use in any season and indoor climate conditions. Due to the properties of the materials used in the production, the blanket will keep you warm in winter and provide a cooling effect during the summer. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_детское] => Array ( [NAME] => Детское [FAQ] => only easy-to-clean and hypoallergenic materials are used in the production of the items for the little ones. The all-season blanket line is presented in two sizes: 110*140 - for infants and toddlers from 0-3 years old, and 140*205 for older children. The collection is decorated with exclusive stitches in the shape of beloved children’s characters. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_гравитационное] => Array ( [NAME] => Гравитационное [FAQ] => Gravity blanket is an innovation on the sleep product market. A unique filling made of glass micro-beads retains heat and its shape, repels moisture and weighs down the blanket. This effect facilitates the production of joy hormones. The “tight hug” of the blanket relieves emotional stress, relaxes the nervous system and strengthens mental health. This blanket type improves sleep quality: it speeds up the process of falling asleep and prevents you from waking up randomly during the night. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [тип_дляноворожденныхикоконы] => Array ( [NAME] => Для новорожденных и коконы [FAQ] => up to 1 year [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_надежностьидолговечность] => Array ( [NAME] => Надежность и долговечность [FAQ] => sliding bottom of the storage drawer allows you to perform cleaning under the bed. Removable bed covers - various bed models are equipped with this feature, bed covers are easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. Units with a bed frame lift mechanism have got a high angle rise, which makes it convenient to use the storage drawer even in places with limited accessibility. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_качествоиэкологичность] => Array ( [NAME] => Качество и экологичность [FAQ] => the base of the bed is comprised of environmentally friendly birch ply-curve seven-layer lamellas. The lamellas are safely secured inside the bed frame, which prevents them from falling out while using the unit. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_удобствоприэксплуатации] => Array ( [NAME] => Удобство при эксплуатации [FAQ] => all-welded metal frame without any sharp edges. Powder coating prevents rust from appearing on the surface of the frame. Double sized units have an additional central support specifically for structural stability. Double metal coupling along the perimeter of the bed. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_полотнольняное] => Array ( [NAME] => Полотно льняное [FAQ] => 100% linen [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_натуральноехлопковоеволокно] => Array ( [NAME] => Натуральное хлопковое волокно [FAQ] => excellently absorbs moisture and has good air exchange allowing the skin to breathe [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_натуральноекокосовоеволокно] => Array ( [NAME] => Натуральное кокосовое волокно [FAQ] => Natural coconut fibre is a lignified fibre obtained from the mesocarp of coconut palm nuts Sisal is a medium-firm natural filling made from Agave leaves. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_сизаль] => Array ( [NAME] => Сизаль [FAQ] => [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_натуральныйлатекс] => Array ( [NAME] => Натуральный латекс [FAQ] => Natural latex is a micro-perforated wear-resistant material with a 7-zone spine support function. It provides ergonomic support for the maximum comfort level. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пенаспамятьюформы] => Array ( [NAME] => Пена с памятью формы [FAQ] => Memory foam is polyurethane foamed using a special technology. Due to its porous structure and unique qualities, the material quickly adapts to the weight, shape and body temperature while creating unprecedented absorption and retaining its shape in 10 seconds. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пенаortofoam] => Array ( [NAME] => Пена Orto Foam [FAQ] => High-elasticity Orto Foam is a porous, resilient, ultrastrong modern synthetic material. Periotek is a non-woven environmentally friendly material made with the addition of natural coconut, cotton, linen and wool fibres [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_периотек] => Array ( [NAME] => Периотек [FAQ] => [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пенасмикромассажнымэффектом] => Array ( [NAME] => Пена с микромассажным эффектом [FAQ] => a porous, resilient, ultra-strong modern synthetic material in the form of cells. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_аэробамбук] => Array ( [NAME] => Аэробамбук [FAQ] => the material is a mixture of bamboo and microfibres. It does not tangle or lose colour, prevents moisture from damaging the fibres and dries quickly after washing. The filling is lightweight, soft and durable. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_полиэфирноеволокно] => Array ( [NAME] => Полиэфирное волокно [FAQ] => Polyester fibre is a type of synthetic fibre made from natural or artificial polyester. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_микрофибра] => Array ( [NAME] => Микрофибра [FAQ] => Microfibre is an artificial hypoallergenic material consisting of several micrometre thick microfibres. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_охлаждающийгель] => Array ( [NAME] => Охлаждающий гель [FAQ] => Cooling gel is a synthetic material similar to a regular gel in its structure. The material changes its form by adjusting to anatomical features of the body. Moreover, it maintains the temperature level slightly lower than the human body temperature, thus preventing excessive perspiration and facilitating natural thermal exchange during sleep. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_латекс] => Array ( [NAME] => Латекс [FAQ] => Latex, also called India rubber, is a natural substance obtained from the sap of the tropical Hevea rubber tree. Due to the spiral form of the molecules, latex can be subjected to severe deformation: as soon as the source of pressure is eliminated, the latex item will restore its original shape. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пух/перо] => Array ( [NAME] => Пух/Перо [FAQ] => natural filling made from bird down. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пена"neotaktile"] => Array ( [NAME] => пена "neo taktile" [FAQ] => “Neo Taktile” foam is the only material in the world that not only provides point support of the body and pampers it with an unsurpassed feeling of comfort, but additionally possesses a thermal regulation effect and helps you achieve the best quality of sleep. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_войлок] => Array ( [NAME] => Войлок [FAQ] => is a thick non-woven textile material made from matted wool. It possesses uniquely low thermal conductivity and good air permeability [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пенавысокойплотности] => Array ( [NAME] => Пена высокой плотности [FAQ] => is used for mattress construction reinforcement to enhance its durability and increase the sleeping surface up to 15% [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_пенавысокойкомфортности] => Array ( [NAME] => Пена высокой комфортности [FAQ] => with the air micro-circulation function prevents moisture formation and provides full air permeability due to rapid and effective heat dissipation. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_шерстьягненка] => Array ( [NAME] => Шерсть ягненка [FAQ] => absorbs up to 40% of moisture released during sleep, remaining dry to the touch and creating a comfortable thermal regime at any time of the year. It is a natural eco-friendly material with high air permeability properties, which is capable of providing a dry and healing feeling of warmth [FAQ_IMG] => ) [наполнитель_ортопедическаяпенаperfectfoam] => Array ( [NAME] => Ортопедическая пена Perfect Foam [FAQ] => is used for the optimal pressure distribution. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [жесткость_мягкая] => Array ( [NAME] => Мягкая [FAQ] => this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children [FAQ_IMG] => ) [жесткость_упругая] => Array ( [NAME] => Упругая [FAQ] => a medium-firm pillow provides mild cervical spinal cord support [FAQ_IMG] => ) [жесткость_комбинированная] => Array ( [NAME] => Комбинированная [FAQ] => the pillow consists of various layers, which can be interchanged to adjust the ideal height and firmness level [FAQ_IMG] => ) [жесткость_жесткая] => Array ( [NAME] => Жесткая [FAQ] => this pillow is designed for people who are looking for enhanced cervical spinal cord support [FAQ_IMG] => ) [_велюр] => Array ( [NAME] => Велюр [FAQ] => is a textile material with a thick short pile face. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_полиэстер] => Array ( [NAME] => Полиэстер [FAQ] => a special type of synthetic fabric made from polyester fibres. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_хлопок] => Array ( [NAME] => Хлопок [FAQ] => Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_outlast] => Array ( [NAME] => Outlast [FAQ] => regulating fabric designed according to advanced technologies for the production of astronaut’s spacesuits. This fabric contains millions of spheres from special-purpose wax, which reacts to temperature fluctuations. When the body temperature increases during night-time, the fabric absorbs excessive heat. However, when the temperature level drops to the point of discomfort, millions of spheres release accumulated heat, allowing the temperature to stay at an average, comfortable level without thermal discontinuity. This effect is ensured by the structure of the wax spheres: they can be compressed or expanded, accumulating or releasing heat, respectively. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_трикотаж] => Array ( [NAME] => Трикотаж [FAQ] => Knitted fabric is produced using a knitting machine by creating and interconnecting millions of loops. The loose structure allows this fabric type to adjust to any shape and curve. Moreover, it makes knitted fabric eminently soft and elastic. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_велюр] => Array ( [NAME] => Велюр [FAQ] => Veluur on tekstiilmaterjal, mille esiküljel on tihe fliisine pind. Tagaküljel on materjal väga sile ja meeldiv kehale. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_tencel] => Array ( [NAME] => Tencel [FAQ] => [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_микрофибра] => Array ( [NAME] => Микрофибра [FAQ] => Microfibre is a synthetic material obtained by intertwining a large number of thin fibres. The production of such fibre is a rather labour-intensive process as you have to attain a thin pile with a diameter of one-tenth or even one-hundredth of a millimetre, which is a hundred times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_сатин] => Array ( [NAME] => Сатин [FAQ] => is a unique fabric that resembles silk fibres in appearance, yet its quality is not inferior to cotton. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_шелк] => Array ( [NAME] => Шелк [FAQ] => Silk is a luxurious natural fabric with a soft texture and an exquisite surface shine. It is obtained from a cocoon of an insect called a “silkworm”. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_модал] => Array ( [NAME] => Модал [FAQ] => this fabric type belongs to the viscose category. It is made on the beech, pine or eucalyptus cellulose base without chlorine or other harmful substances. The fabric does not shrink or wrinkle, absorbs moisture and possesses dirt-repellent properties. It does not accumulate static electricity and has good air permeability. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_тенсель] => Array ( [NAME] => Тенсель [FAQ] => Tencel is a natural material made from Australian eucalyptus wood and later subjected to nano processing. The eucalyptus tree, which provides fibres for material production, is valued for its antibacterial properties. Its wood contains antimicrobial agents which prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Thus, the possibility of dust mite or mould development in the fabric is eliminated [FAQ_IMG] => ) [материалчехла_dri-tec] => Array ( [NAME] => Dri-Tec [FAQ] => this material is produced using a special technology which allows to effectively divert excessive heat and moisture. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_спамятьюформы] => Array ( [NAME] => С памятью формы [FAQ] => unique, viscoelastic foam implicitly follows the features of the human body [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_натуральныематериалы] => Array ( [NAME] => Натуральные материалы [FAQ] => only natural materials are used in the manufacture [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_длявсеготела] => Array ( [NAME] => Для всего тела [FAQ] => a pillow that can be used for the support of every part of the body [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_сохлаждающимэффектом] => Array ( [NAME] => С охлаждающим эффектом [FAQ] => the materials which are used for the production of the pillow ensure a cooling effect and proper thermal regulation during sleep [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_гипоаллергенный] => Array ( [NAME] => Гипоаллергенный [FAQ] => the materials used in the manufacture are safe and do not cause any allergies [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_массажныйэффект] => Array ( [NAME] => Массажный эффект [FAQ] => special inserts provide an additional massage effect [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_кастомизируемые] => Array ( [NAME] => Кастомизируемые [FAQ] => these pillows are based on layers from different materials. These layers can be removed and mixed to adjust optimal height and firmness level. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_регулируемаяплотностьнаполнителя] => Array ( [NAME] => Регулируемая плотность наполнителя [FAQ] => pillows with access to the filling provide the option of its removal, adjusting the optimal density level and pillow height. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_детская] => Array ( [NAME] => Детская [FAQ] => our wide selection offers products for children from 0 years old. We have developed recommendations for choosing a suitable model depending on the age of your child. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_инновационная] => Array ( [NAME] => Инновационная [FAQ] => exclusive pillow models, which, in addition to the main function of providing qualitative sleep, sense and read the parameters of your body with the help of a specially developed application, as well as warn you about possible diseases. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_набивнойчехол] => Array ( [NAME] => Набивной чехол [FAQ] => these pillow models have a removable cover with an additional soft layer. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_ортопедическийэффект] => Array ( [NAME] => Ортопедический эффект [FAQ] => pillows ensure healthy sleep due to the proper head and cervical spinal cord support [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_усиленнаяподдержка] => Array ( [NAME] => Усиленная поддержка [FAQ] => pillows with special inserts or models with neck rollers. These models were specifically designed for people who experience cervical pain or want to appreciate enhanced support of the cervical spinal cord. [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_равномерноераспределениедавления] => Array ( [NAME] => Равномерное распределение давления [FAQ] => the unique blanket filling allows to distribute pressure on all body parts by creating a “hugging effect”, increasing muscle tone and stimulating biologically active body points.This effect facilitates you to fall asleep faster and rest properly during the night [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_терморегуляция] => Array ( [NAME] => Терморегуляция [FAQ] => the materials used in the production of our items have the function of maintaining optimal temperature during sleep [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_бесшумное] => Array ( [NAME] => Бесшумное [FAQ] => materials do not rustle and interfere with qualitative sleep [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_гипоаллергенное] => Array ( [NAME] => Гипоаллергенное [FAQ] => all materials are safe and suitable for children [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_гигроскопичное] => Array ( [NAME] => Гигроскопичное [FAQ] => materials excellently absorb moisture and dry out quickly [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_износостойкость] => Array ( [NAME] => Износостойкость [FAQ] => [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_экологичное] => Array ( [NAME] => Экологичное [FAQ] => manufacturing process uses renewable resources and materials self-decompose without polluting the environment [FAQ_IMG] => ) [уникальныесвойства_дорожная] => Array ( [NAME] => дорожная [FAQ] => Travel pillows are specifically designed for people who tend to spend a lot of time travelling or driving, as well as working or relaxing in a sitting position. [FAQ_IMG] => ) ) 1
  • Type

    for back problems

    for newborns and cocoons
    up to 1 year

  • Height


  • Hardness

    Soft this category mainly includes classic stuffed pillows, as well as memory foam pillows; these models are suitable for children

  • Sleeping position

    on the back

  • Cover material

    Cotton Cotton is a natural plant origin fabric produced from the bolls of the cotton plant

  • Filling

    Memory foam Memory foam is polyurethane foamed using a special technology. Due to its porous structure and unique qualities, the material quickly adapts to the weight, shape and body temperature while creating unprecedented absorption and retaining its shape in 10 seconds.

  • Unique qualities

    Memory foam unique, viscoelastic foam implicitly follows the features of the human body

  • Brand


Materials and design

Foam with "memory" shape

Porous material capable of precisely adapting to the shape of the head. Responds even to slight movements, creating elastic support. Quickly restores original shape. Allows to keep the neck and head in the right position, which improves the quality of sleep. Hypoallergenic. Durable.


Ecologically friendly material of plant origin, with high thermo-regulating. Hypoallergenic. It has excellent hygienic properties. Durability comparable to silk, surpasses wool. Easy to iron. Improves properties of synthetic fibers.


Extraordinarily soft, pleasant to the touch material. Characterized by high flexibility and elasticity. Hygienic. Thanks to a special weave of threads provides good air exchange. Wear-resistant and durable.

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'Μαριάννα Π'

Για μένα, ήταν πραγματικό ε'υρυμα. Το παιδί άρχισε να κοιμάται αισθητά καλύτερα. Όλα είναι φτιαγμένα πολύ προσεκτικά. Κορίτσια, το προτείνω, δεν θα το μετανιώσετε.

Helpful review? 5


Το αγόρασα για τον εγγονό. Η κόρη είναι πολύ ευχαριστημένη. Τώρα το μωρό μας κοιμάται πάντα στη σωστή θέση. Κατασκευασμένο με ποιότητα. Χωρίς ψεγάδια.

Helpful review? 6


Αρχίσαμε να χρησιμοποιούμε αυτό το μαξιλάρι από τον 3ο μήνα. Το βάζω όταν το μωρό πρόκειται να κοιμηθεί  για πολλές ώρες. Ας πούμε το βράδυ, όταν κοιμάται έως και 5 ώρες σερι. Ή το μεσημέρι, όταν κοιμάται 4 ώρες. Τον υπόλοιπο καιρό, όταν ο ύπνος είναι πιο σύντομος, κάνουμε χωρίς αυτό.

Helpful review? 7


Το μαξιλάρι είναι φοβερό. Το αγόρασα δώρο για ένα άλλο μωρό , μου άρεσε πολύ. Τώρα το αγόρασα για το δικό μου παιδί, είναι φοβερό.

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