The ultrasonic Aroma Home aroma diffuser will help to create a cosy atmosphere within your household and fill the air with your favourite fragrances.

The Aroma Home diffuser is a stylish and multifunctional device with the option of adding 100% natural essential oils and switching on multi-colour LED lighting that will fill your home with a romantic mood, relieve tension and set your mind for positive thoughts.

Operation: through ultrasonic vibrations, the device transforms water into mist.  The emitted steam (mist) is cold, the temperature in the room does not increase, so you can not burn yourself.

Aroma diffuser:
- reduces the content of the radioactive dust in the air by 10-25 times, regular dust (tiny particles of dirt, hair, etc.) by 4-10 times, microbes by 3-4 times;
-reduces odour intensity (tobacco, cats, strong-smelling plants),
- increases the humidity level in the room (it is recommended to use the device in closed premises), essential oils create the desired mood;
- eliminates electrostatic discharges;
- preserves the youthful appearance of the skin, reduces the likelihood of allergy development and acute respiratory infections.

- The device is working continuously for 8 hours,
- Steam generation may be of different intensity levels, and this is a feature during regular operation of the device
- The intensity of the steam generation may depend on the properties of the used water (water hardness, temperature), on the direction of the air flows within the room
- The device does not generate steam without the water
- Use only 100% natural essential oils

Essential oil is not included in the set

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Aromadiffuser Aroma Home

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