with a spring block
combined blocks from natural and artificial materials
for back problems
Sleeping place
width from 60 to 120 cm
width from 120 to 140 cm
width from 140 to 200 cm
an increased comfort level, improved anatomical and orthopaedic mattress properties. The mattress does not have to be turned over.
has the "effect of the blissful sleep" and provides orthopaedic support with a soft and velvety sleeping surface
two sides have the same firmness level, but the mattress is reversible
one half of the mattress is soft, while the other one is firm
mattress toppers
the mattress is not reversible, with the function of shape restoration, retains its properties throughout the entire period of use
two sides with different firmness levels
is considered to be the most eco-friendly and durable stitching method for the upper, lower and lateral parts of the mattress. This manual technology method is used exclusively in the production of luxury models
Intended for
up to 3 years old, 120 cm
from 10 to 19 years old; from 160 to 180 cm
Natural coconut fibre is a lignified fibre obtained from the mesocarp of coconut palm nuts Sisal is a medium-firm natural filling made from Agave leaves.
Natural latex is a micro-perforated wear-resistant material with a 7-zone spine support function. It provides ergonomic support for the maximum comfort level.
High-elasticity Orto Foam is a porous, resilient, ultrastrong modern synthetic material. Periotek is a non-woven environmentally friendly material made with the addition of natural coconut, cotton, linen and wool fibres
Memory foam is polyurethane foamed using a special technology. Due to its porous structure and unique qualities, the material quickly adapts to the weight, shape and body temperature while creating unprecedented absorption and retaining its shape in 10 seconds.
is a thick non-woven textile material made from matted wool. It possesses uniquely low thermal conductivity and good air permeability
excellently absorbs moisture and has good air exchange allowing the skin to breathe
is used for the optimal pressure distribution.
with the air micro-circulation function prevents moisture formation and provides full air permeability due to rapid and effective heat dissipation.
is used for mattress construction reinforcement to enhance its durability and increase the sleeping surface up to 15%
a porous, resilient, ultra-strong modern synthetic material in the form of cells.
100% linen
absorbs up to 40% of moisture released during sleep, remaining dry to the touch and creating a comfortable thermal regime at any time of the year. It is a natural eco-friendly material with high air permeability properties, which is capable of providing a dry and healing feeling of warmth
firmness adjustment, sleeping place comfort, increases the service life of the mattress
Number of springs
explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body
explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body
explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body
explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body
explicitly affects the body support; the more springs there are – the better is the pointwise support of the body
Mattresses for Ergomotion
Spring block
an innovative, patented spring type, made of durable carbon-coated metal in the shape of an hourglass and packed in a fitted pouch. It does not creak or deform in any way, is flexible and resilient and lasts 3 times longer without any weight restrictions.
an unparalleled system that combines a double level of support: a “2-storey” wave-shaped independent spring block of different heights. The increased height springs (16 cm) of the first level are used in the shoulder, hip and knee areas, whereas the 14 cm springs are used in the head, back, lumbar and foot areas. The 4 cm and 6 cm second level springs. This spring block responds precisely to the slightest change in body position and can withstand a heavy workload.
is a block of independent springs, each placed in a separate pouch, which sensitively responds to even the slightest movement. This ensures that the springs work autonomously and are compressed independently of the adjacent springs. Mattresses with the Pocket spring block ensure the orthopaedic effect and natural positioning of the spine.
unique steel springs with high-strength and durable titanium content provide consistent quality. The block consists of springs, each placed in a separate pouch, thus smoothing out vibrations from your partner's movements. Multipocket properly distributes the load and provides even support to the spine. A mattress with this type of spring block is noiseless, adapts precisely to the contours of the body and has no weight limitations.
contains 4000 chip-sized springs. Four times as many springs as in a regular mattress! They react pointwise to each movement of the body and do not exert response pressure. A feeling of weightlessness and total relaxation occurs during sleep.
is a new-generation block with improved anatomical properties. It provides high elasticity, which improves blood circulation, creates a light massage effect and ensures resilient support with increased spring pressure.
is a lower-height independent spring block. Each spring is placed in a separate pouch, providing autonomous operation of the springs and their compression independently of the adjacent ones. The block evenly distributes the load, allowing muscles to relax to the maximum.
without springs, the base of the mattress can be a material made of different padding layers and polyurethane.
the revolutionary Comfort Control™ technology allows you to 'adjust' the firmness of each mattress half to the individual preference of the sleeper
Each zone is responsible for supporting the following body parts: head, shoulders, back, hip, and feet. Different firmness levels are achieved by using wires of various diameters in the zones. This provides individual support for each area: it relieves strain from the spine, muscles and joints, creating ideal conditions for resting and comfortable sleep.
maximally corresponds to the anatomical features of the human body. It distinguishes areas under the head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, calves and feet. Each zone in these mattresses provides optimum support for a specific body part. Recommended for people with excessive weight.
independent spring block adapts to the body and supports the spine pointwise in an anatomically correct position, relieves muscle tension and accelerates the process of falling asleep
this spring block consists of two halves with contrasting elasticity; thus, it is an ideal option for couples who prefer sleeping on surfaces with different firmness levels.
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